Journey To The Source

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Long have I wandered in the desert of delusion,
Chasing mirages of temporary sense pleasure.
But now through deepening meditation I have found an
oasis filled with the living waters of Nectar-Bliss.
Daily I dip in these waters, washing away anger,
jealousy and greed, refreshing myself with peace,
light and joy. May I plant seeds of goodwill along
its banks, and may the trees of life growing hence
provide nourishing fruit for all thirsty souls.


Time is of the essence
Must learn our lessons
Must pay our dues
Must earn our pensions
In school they never mention
about the tensions between dimensions.
You're seeking heavens
but listen bretheren
Heaven never left us
We turned our back
And God wants to test us -
Do we accept the limitation of eternal damnation?
(Waste our time in mingle & schmooze, perhaps dull the
pain with some booze?)
Or do we use our power to choose the love in our heart
we know cannot lose?

To commune with the rays of the moon
To discriminate
And eliminate
The dirt we ate
Dark cloud of hate
Clear away!
Reveal the gate
Allow us no more to speculate

Golden blue night star
So near, so far
Shine upon us bright
So that we all might
Hear with our soul your message
That Christ is in sight.


To be truly deathless
Is to be ever selfless
Don't let me fool you ...
This death of me I always knew would come
I've always marched to the sound of a distant drum
I can barely hear its reverberating
Can barely pick up it is generating ..
A message of Peace.

For freedom of life,
I won't sign a lease.
I choose not to strife.

I will not use a gun,
And I will not run,
I am no bastard son.

In me shines life divine,
I'd be selfish to call it just mine.
To keep mental health,
I will share all my wealth,
And ever in stealth
In the deepest recess
Of the deepest cave
I will chant & rave
Of He whose blessings He gave
Of She that dances on my grave.